Catz Connect Privacy Policy / Data Protection Statement


We understand the importance of our members’ privacy and wish our users’ experience to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We will act responsibly in the handling of your personal data and take steps to ensure its security. The purpose of this policy is to ensure our members are aware how the College and the licenced software provider, Aluminati (“we” and “our”) handles and uses data we collect about our alumni and students (“you” and “your”) in relation to the ‘CatzConnect’ platform. In broad terms, we use your data to allow other alumni to keep in touch with you as alumni and students and, if desired, to become a mentor or receive mentoring and advice through the platform.

How your data is used by CatzConnect

Personal information is neither captured nor stored through the CatzConnect platform without consent of users. The platform operates on a strictly opt-in basis and will be accessible only to other members who have opted-in. The Alumni Office will not use the platform as a method of communicating with you and we will not sell, license or trade your personal information to others, such as direct marketing companies.

Your data is used by us for a number of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Verification of your details
  • Pre-population of your profile (by yourself and through syncing with Linkedin)
  • To update details on St Catharine’s College Alumni database
  • To carry out analytics on the use of the platform

If you have concerns or queries about any of these purposes, or how we communicate with you, please contact us (

What data is held by CatzConnect

Your personal data is held on Aluminati’s servers in a secure data storage location within the United Kingdom. The records on the platform may contain:

  • Your Cambridge education details.
  • Current and previous business details.
  • Any other information you choose to add to your profile on the site.

When CatzConnect shares your data with others

Apart from the data outlined above, no data will be shared by the platform with any third party unless under the following circumstances:

  • You give your explicit consent
  • When required to do so by law

Accuracy and Access

We will always try to maintain our records as up-to-date and accurate and we welcome you to help us in this effort by updating your own information whenever it changes. Methods of access and modification are to use the online platform interface to manually update your details or to re-sync it with your LinkedIn account.

Your rights

There is no statutory or contractual requirement for you to provide us with any personal data.

You have the right: to ask us for a copy of your personal data (a data subject access request); to object to processing to object to communications or direct marketing; in certain circumstances to require us to correct or erase your personal data.

We will publish on our website any changes we make to this Privacy Policy and notify you by other communication channels where appropriate.

Please contact us at if you have any concerns or questions about the above information. Where you have specific requests relating to how we manage your data, we will endeavour to resolve these, but please note that there may be circumstances where we cannot comply with your specific request.

If you remain unhappy with the way your information is being handled, or with any response you have received from us concerning your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Service Provider

This service is operated under contract by Aluminati Network Group Ltd. (Aluminati) acting under instruction as our Data Processor under the Data Protection Act 1998. Aluminati will process personal data strictly for the purposes of operating this service.

Aluminati is registered with the Information Commissioner under membership number Z8393842.